Drive Traffic by Link Building With Blog Comments

Did you know that you can drive traffic to your site and raise your brand’s online presence by writing SEO based blog comments? Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to build links and believe that blog comments are a waste of time? Traditionally, blog comments are known as a literary weapon; however, top executive branding companies in e-commerce as well as other sectors are utilizing blog comments to drive traffic and build quality links that generate a positive profit margin while establishing a dominant online presence.

You Should Take Another Look at Blog Comments

Blog comments can seem like a waste of time while you are working on podcasts, link reclamation, and developing new content creation, but for those who are thinking about the nightmares that blog comments caused in the 90s, you are missing the boat on what a quality blog comment can do for your brand’s awareness while building a concrete link foundation for your business.

According to the former Google Engineer, Matt Cutts explained the key difference between spammy blog comments and a good blog comment is to find topically relevant sites and leave relevant comments on them. Blog comments do require more work; however, they add value and help you to build quality links, and by leaving one or two blog comments a day, you can build quality backlinks to your site.

Benefits of Blog Comments to Build Links

  • AdWords Campaign Templates: Convert ad copy with click-through rates and match exact keywords.
  • Increase Traffic: Find and comment on blogs that are in your niche.
  • Building a Reputation: Utilize blog comments as a medium to raise your brand’s awareness. Build your online reputation by using a personal photo and by using your real name.
  • Better Positioning: Build your trust with people by agreeing with someone or leave a professional comment on a relevant topic.
  • Inbound Links: Get 720 backlinks a year to your site by leaving one or two blog comment a day.
  • Leads: The more visitors you drive to your site, the better the odds are that these visitors will turn into paying customers, promote your brand via social media, and generate new quality leads.

Tips for Blog Commenting

  • Comment on high quality sites with a 60+ domain authority.
  • Always acknowledge the author on the site by name.
  • Lightly color the article with valuable information and add additional information that makes the article genuine.
  • Keep the word count under a 100 words.
  • Make sure your blog comment adds value to the discussion.

Final Considerations for Writing a Quality Blog Comment

Writing a blog comment that is totally off the subject, will not help you to build quality links no matter how intelligent the comment is or how long it is. For best results always write with a “response” to your blog comments. It doesn’t matter if it’s another commenter’s comment or if it’s a response to the author of the post, always write with a response approach in mind and you will be looked at as a professional and not as a spammer.

The number of backlinks you can generate is determined by the number of daily blog comments you want to write. Do not copy or paste your comments, this is the biggest mistake that people often make, make it relevant and fresh for maximum backlinks to your site.

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